Menu WiFi

Don’t wait the waiter…
Order on WiFi!

Connect to a WiFi AP

Launch the Menu Page

Browse through menu

Decide your Order

Submit your Order

Track your Order

Open WiFi

Customers pass to their table and connects to WiFi AP, then they will directly forwarded to menu page of restaurant.

Dont download

Customers do not need to download or install any mobile application. They can directly access to restaurant menu page with WiFi.

Track Order

Customers can browse through menu page and submit their order with table code. Then they can track their order state within our application.

Ready to serve

Once orders are ready, customers can either go to checkout and take their order with unique order ID; or it can be served to their table.

Demo Page

Click for the page that is provided to customers once they connect to WiFi access point.   Go to Demo!

How it works?


All it needs for restaurant to install this system is our WiFi Access Point that runs our software. Customers are directly forwarded to menu page that they can submit their orders once they connected to open WiFi without password. Order submission is verified with the table codes that are provided in the paper stands on each table. Internet access will be enabled for customers use as they submit their order with correct table code.

Control Panel

Cloud server will handle all requests as customers submits their orders. Received orders can be managed via admin panel that can be accessed through any device that runs internet browser; such as a mobile phone, a PC and tablet.

Menu Management Panel

Authorized user can add/remove/modify menu items and define categories for them via menu managment panel. Pictures can be uploaded and different size and custom options can be provided for meals within panel.

Order Management Panel

Firstly received orders are approved as customers submits their orders. Then orders will be reflected into displays in the kitchen. All kinds of details about customer device like signal power, device model, OS information can be logged  into system as part of security


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Kerem İzzet ATAM

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